New Anthology – Available 21st June

From 21st June 2015, our latest anthology Volume II will be available for purchase.

All royalties will be donated to the fantastic charity, The Book Bus.

We are releasing the volume as two books. Solstice: Light and Solstice: Dark.

Available in Kindle ebook and print versions, via Amazon.

Solstice: Light (US) Print                |                        Solstice: Light (US) Ebook

Solstice: Dark (US) Print                |                        Solstice: Dark (US) Ebook

Solstice: Light (UK) Print               |                       Solstice: Light (UK) Ebook

Solstice: Dark (UK) Print               |                       Solstice: Dark (UK) Ebook

If you are unable to find it in your local Amazon store, please Tweet us @flashdogs and we will try to find a link for you.

We are incredibly privileged that award winning author (and short fiction advocate), Chris Beckett, agreed to support us by providing the foreword.

Take your pick. Buy both, if you can.

If you buy both print books and put them together this is what you see:Light and Dark

If you buy a print book, you will be offered the related ebook at a discount.

To celebrate this event, we have reduced the standard price of the FlashDogs Volume I ebook and we will also offer it free for a limited period (21st June to 25th June).

US Vol 1

UK Vol 1


Thank you for your support.

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