FlashFeeD 1.14

Sorry about any post confusion last week.

Some incredible stories – well done to all!

New story prompt below. It’s the sort of place that might be in Grind Spark the amazing debut novel from FlashDogs artistic director, Tam Rogers. If you didn’t get a copy already, I highly recommend it. A perfect tale for the times we face at the moment.

I’m loving the leader-board, the ranks, points and awards. Let me know every time you leave a book review for a member of the community (either a participant here or #vss365 or someone you know is part of the extended FlashDogs family) and I’ll start adding special badges to your collection.

Back to the prompt. Have fun.

Full rules here:

Please focus on setting this week.





Stories will be limited to 2000 characters* (about 300 words), including the title.

*(The field itself will allow for 2050 characters, but this extra 50 characters is only to be used as contingency and it won't be increased).

Use the comment field to post stories, include your story title. Use the reply button on a particular story to provide positive feedback. Press the ‘like’ icon if you like a story.