A warm welcome to you

We are delighted to meet you and hope you’ll join us on this new adventure.

FlashDogs are a community of Flash Fiction writers from across the globe. We are proud to announce that our first anthology is due for release in e-book format 13th December 2014.

The book profits will go to a global charity, IBBY. The charity promotes the philosophy  that children have a right to read, this is something that FlashDogs feel passionate about. Some of their  work uses books to help children in crisis.

For our first anthology, we have gathered thirty four writers from across the globe. They have given us one hundred and ten wonderful Flash Fiction stories, rich in diversity and flavour.


Flash Fiction is incredibly rewarding for the reader as entire stories are produced with as little as one hundred to two thousand words. We strongly feel that there is something that every reader will love in here.  We have created it for the enjoyment of all readers. The real beauty of this anthology is that there is always time to read great fiction.

We hope you enjoy the immense talent of the Flash Fiction writers we have gathered together. We are overwhelmed by their generosity.

When you’ve downloaded the book and enjoyed the contents, there would be nothing better than if you decided to come and join us.

Come and say hello to us on Twitter: @FlashDogs


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