Zombie City Library : Steve (@PatchieSteve)

A very happy day to you.

We promised that we’d run a feature in which you got to know more about each other and the books that inspire you.

First up is Steve (@PatchieSteve, on Twitter)

We’ve thrown him into a fictional situation, where the world is ending, the zombies are approaching and Steve is hunkered down in a library.

We asked which traditional books he’d save, which indie books, a film, and two weapons (which could be fictional).


My five traditional books would be:

  • Any good quality Dictionary. I can never remember words at the best of times, and if I’m living in a world of Zombies then standards will decline pretty quickly, so a reference book is a must for any writer
  • The complete works of Shakespeare – to read, to act out, to inspire, and to see if I could convince the Zombies to put on their own production of Macbeth or Hamlet
  • Lord of the Rings- I never get bored of it, and orcs are just Zombie elves after all
  • Dombey and Son – a nice big beefy Dickens of a novel. I can use it as a seat or step, and Dickens packs his novels with good humour and great characters, and in the smiling Carker one of my fave villains
  •  I capture the castle – something light and full of joy to remind me of pre-zombie good times

My two Indy choices

I ‘ve very little experience of Indy books, something I need to work on, but my choices would be:
  • Pressed flowers by Bianca Bowers – poetry is good for the soul and open to endless interpretation, and this is a wonderful collection that might just stave off the loneliness of a post apocalyptic zombie world existence
  •  Archipelago- I have read some of G H Neale’s book which I enjoyed but I haven’t had time to read more, so after a hard day ‘s fighting Zombies, I’d like to remedy that and seeing as my wife and kids will probably be zombified, I’ll have few distractions.

My film choice


  • Mad Max Fury Road – I love the dynamic between Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron in this visual treat; it’s a great survival film minus the zombies.
Mad Max: Fury Road – great choice!

My weapons 

  • A gun that encases zombies in giant blobs of jelly, so I can capture and study them to find a cure – I am Legend style
  • A beauty gun – the world may be a lonely place, so I may need to charm a Zombie to satisfy my romantic needs and a beauty gun would help me overcome my initial prejudice


If anyone is looking for a gift for Steve, I have found the perfect thing:

Zombie Jelly Workshop

My thanks to Steve.

New library survivors planned soon.


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