Flash FeeD – rules, terms, conditions, rights and responsibilities

Here’s how it works:

  1. On Thursdays at 07:00 UTC we will post a prompt here on the main page of the FlashDogs site. The prompts will always be an image and a storytelling element, from which you will generate a story. The storytelling element will vary between setting, character, genre, emotion, plot, or point of view. For instance, one week we might ask you to include setting: outer space, and the next week plot: a heist, sometimes we might just ask you to focus on a specific element without giving you any direction (thus allowing you to hone writing skills while allowing your muse to roam free) .
  2. The required word count is limited to 2000 characters, including titles and spacesThis is roughly 300 words. Why characters? Applying character limits on a field is far easier and more consistent than asking everyone to count them in different tools. We won’t have judges or people to check word counts, so it is a simple way of keeping the stories within the flash fiction limits we set. We reserve the right to alter this limit. 
  3. Submit your original stories in the comment section of the contest blog post between the hours of 07:00 UTC on Thursday and midnight, UTC, on the following Monday. Please complete any details that the system requires of you (such as names, e-mails, passwords or anti-spam checks). 
  4. You will be able to edit comments/stories for up to four hours after posting. The contest organizers WILL NOT be available to edit your stories for you.
  5. There will be no official winners, but after posting your own story, read what others have offered and “like” and comment upon the stories you prefer. All comments on stories must be positive and encouraging, or they will be deleted. Please DO NOT make critical comments or point out typos or other inconsistencies. (Pointing out typos may get you a reputation as an internet annoyance). We are offering this as an opportunity for writers to practice in a fun and encouraging setting. If you really feel the need to be ‘helpful’ in pointing something out, then why not get in touch with the author directly rather than calling them out in public. Be kind and supportive.
We look forward to reading your stories!
By using the site you agree to the following terms and conditions, rights and responsibilities:
  1. You retain all rights to your stories. By placing them on this site you are doing so in full awareness that the site is publicly facing. While we will not charge you for using the service we are not able to reward you either (other than site specific non-monetary awards such as badges and levels). Clearly we do not have control over who reads your stories or what they choose to do with them.
  2. We take no responsibility for your content. You must ensure that it is your own work. The work must comply with legal and copyright laws – it is your responsibility to check this and we accept no liability in this respect.
  3. We want to encourage creativity and style, however, if stories (or comments) are perceived by us to cause offence or are simply in bad taste then we reserve the right to remove them. It is unlikely that we will have to enforce this rule, but if you do not feel comfortable giving us this power then do not post. The decision is final and rests solely with the site administrators.
  4. We will not knowingly pass your data on to third parties. We will use WordPress features and plug-ins to maintain the site and provide features – we are not in control of their policies.
  5. We have introduced community participation points, we have called these DogTreats. The allocation of DogTreats and associated levels, badges and awards is determined by the site administrators. We may change these from time to time. We take no responsibility for the loss of these statistics or the accuracy of the data – it is purely there to encourage participation and add an element of fun.
  6. We make no promises on the longevity of the competition or the ability to retain the data, or site service status.