FlashFeeD 1.22

Thanks for your continued stories and contributions. The Leaderboard is looking mighty impressive. Keep writing, reading and contributing.

Nice to know that the prompt last week was challenging and it even appeared to materialize into real life for some people last week (freaky).

As always, write a story within the character limit, based on the prompt, below.

No special instructions this week as I suspect you’ll find the prompt challenging enough.

Surf’s up? Monsters of the deep? What’s on the shore? What’s behind the wave? Who is this person?


Full rules here:

Stories will be limited to 2000 characters* (about 300 words), including the title.

*(The field itself will allow for 2050 characters, but this extra 50 characters is only to be used as contingency and it won't be increased).

Use the comment field to post stories, include your story title. Use the reply button on a particular story to provide positive feedback. Press the ‘like’ icon if you like a story.