FlashFeeD 1.3

Thanks to all those that contributed last week.

It made my heart sing to see a certain flash fiction VIP and dragon aficionado once again. For newer folk, Rebekah is the reason many of us write flash fiction. Have a look at her shiny dragon badge, it’s the only one that will be issued.

You’ve all done an outstanding job with your stories and support for each other. Keep it coming. The amount of DogTreats that some folk have earned already means that I’m going to have to add further ranks 🙂


A warm welcome if you’re new. You’re in a safe place, join in!

Full rules here:

The picture prompt this week:


Story must focus on the fiction element of : Emotion.

Stories will be limited to 2000 characters* (about 300 words), including the title.

*(The field itself will allow for 2050 characters, but this extra 50 characters is only to be used as contingency and it won't be increased).

Use the comment field to post stories, include your story title. Use the reply button on a particular story to provide positive feedback. Press the ‘like’ icon if you like a story.

A reminder on DogTreats:

If you’re registered, then you will be awarded DogTreats (community participation points) for posting stories, commenting etc.

The DogTreats will include badges for specific tasks or achievements (we may also award badges for special events, projects or previous achievements (such as FD anthology appearances)).

The DogTreats will also include ranks or levels. After certain milestones have been reached, you will achieve a new level. These are ranked by dog breeds, with small cute dogs to start and larger dogs (with bigger teeth) near the top of the ranks.

You’re all winners, so we won’t be providing judging. If you choose to take your ‘likes’ and comments as rewards, then we’re fine with that.

We hope this eases the workload on the competition and demystifies the murky and inconsistent world of judging.

Of course, you don’t have to register. We warmly welcome everyone that wants to participate in a friendly and positive community. If you do not register you will still be asked for your e-mail address and the first comment you make is likely to be held for moderation (to check for spam and content compliance). After this, your comments should be approved automatically. You won’t gain DogTreats by using this method (but I can always add missed points on later if you decide to register).