FlashFeeD 1.17


While #vss365 continues its ascent towards world domination (TM-Image Ronin), we have attracted a small but very persistent number of hash-tag abusers (not a real thing, but it’s the easiest way to describe it). This has caused some mild annoyance to a few people and I’ve tried really hard, in various ways, to stem this flow. All attempts have been exhausted now, so I ask that if this is an issue for you that you consider different types of filters to help de-junk your #vss365 search. I know many of you do this already.

I tried, but it’s a rare failure, sorry.

In new news, an active community FlashDog member, Avalina, is very passionate about VR and sees it as a way of connecting members and enabling greater interaction. You don’t need a VR headset apparently. If you are interested send a Tweet to @flashdogs and we’ll put you in touch.

Now, to the main business…

FlashFeeD numbers seem to go down with happy prompts – so I’ll give you something darker this week.

New prompt below. Have fun.

Full rules here:

Focus on genre this week – ummm, mystery, if you can.

Love this pic – so much to work with

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