Time Competition – Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


In order to raise as much money as possible for charity, we ask that we retain the exclusive rights to publish selected stories for three months. The copyright for the anthology (as a collection) belongs to FlashDogs (i.e. everyone in the book). The individual stories remain your property and we kindly thank you for your permission to use them if they are accepted.

Unpublished Prompt Submissions Only

All submissions must be unpublished and must be based on the supplied prompts.

Theme, Timing and Submission Instructions

To aid cohesion and assist promotion, the anthology will have a theme.

  • The theme will be ‘Time’.
  • It will be released on Chinese New Year 2016 (Monday Feb 8th 2016).
  • There will be one book, split into three sections. The stories in each section will be based on separate prompts.
    • For this competition, you just need to write a story based on the prompt below (if you are successful in being offered a place then you will have an opportunity to submit two further stories for the anthology).
  • Word count limit is between 100 and 1000 words.
  • Only one story permitted per person.
  • You will have until midnight 22nd Nov 2015 (UK time) to have written and submitted your stories (by this point they must be ready for publication). No revisions after this date. Send completed submissions to:


Make sure to include the story title, word count, author name and author age.

  • Feel free to use MS Word documents, or e-mail text.
  • Decisions will be made based on the recommendations of a panel of judges. All decisions are final.
  • We hope to inform entrants of our decision by 30th Nov 2015.
  • No data will be passed to third parties and we will only use it for the purpose of this competition.
  • You will work within the guidelines (such as those on suitable content and word counts).


We want to encourage great writing, and we want the book to appeal to as many people as possible.

For this reason we ask you to carefully consider content. You submit to us on the basis that we may reject a story if we deem the content to be inappropriate for the anthology. If you are uncomfortable with this, then please don’t submit.

Violence, nudity and profanity are perfectly acceptable. But they have to be in context of the story, and in reasonable measure. In this respect, we would encourage you to use your skills; show don’t tell.

Stories with elements of torture, sexual violence, graphic cruelty are likely to be rejected, even if they are brilliant. We suggest you save this work for another publication.

All stories must be entirely the authors own work (no fan fiction). The authors take full responsibility for ensuring that their work does not infringe any copyright laws.


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