Volume 3 – Criteria for selection

1. Reward for running a supported competition

Competitions take time, energy and sometimes money to run. Without these incredibly dedicated people the community would not be the place it is today. We have a list of competitions that we support, these are generally run by people we have come to trust. These good folk were first on the list.

2. Regular FF writers at the comps

The community is huge. Demand for spaces in the anthology is far greater than supply. We therefore needed a method of assessing regular flash fiction submissions. We created the #FDHowl tag for this purpose. This method of tracking was notified to existing and new FlashDog members a number of times. This promoted  greater fairness and it also allowed new people to be encouraged and rewarded. This was the main method of selection for Vol. 3.

3. We want to discover and publish the next generation of flash fiction writers

We will be holding a global competition for writers aged 18-21 to enter, with up to ten spaces being reserved for the best writers (chosen by a diverse judging panel).

  • The community needs to continually grow and evolve
  • The existing community will be helping to find and develop the next generation of flash fiction writers. With our encouragement, who knows how far they could go. We can’t think of a better way to start a writing career.
  • Even for those that are not published, we hope they will join and grow the regular competitions

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